Introduction To Digital Painting Course

Introduction To Digital Painting Course


Wednesday 6pm - 9pm
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Maximum 12 Enrolments

In this course, students will be outfitted with a solid practice and understanding to kickstart their journey as a digital painter. By tackling and reiterating the most common and familiar types of forms, lighting, colours and materials, students can expect to gain a strong direction for their painting practice over the course's eight week plan (see below).

The course runs for 3 hours a week over 8 weeks giving a total of 24 hours. By enrolling in this course you will receive a discount code valid for 6 months that provides 20% off all Wacom products in our store.

What do I need?
Laptop -
It is required that you provide your own laptop that is capable of running your preferred painting software.
Digital Painting Software - You are required to have your chosen digital painting software installed on your laptop. We recommend Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 as it’s what the tutor will be using in class however you are welcome to use a different program that you’re already familiar with such Krita which is free and open-source. Adobe provides a free 7 day trial for Photoshop CC and discounts for students otherwise you can see all of their pricing options here.
Pen Tablet - We have pen tablets available for use in the workshop (see below under “Hire Equipment”). To reserve a pen tablet, add it to your cart alongside the workshop. Otherwise you can bring your own pen tablet from home or buy one from our website here.
Alternative Equipment - You are welcome to bring a tablet such as the ipad pro running procreate & pen such as the apple pencil instead of a laptop and pen tablet so long as it provides the necessary capabilities.

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8 Week Plan


Hire Equipment

Wacom intuos pro gallery g1.png

Intuos Pro Medium-
The Wacom Intuos Pro redifines the professional standard in creative pen tablets. Built with high quality materials and designed to make the most of the amazing Wacom Pro Pen 2, the Intuos Pro is Wacom’s finest creative pen tablet to date.
This equipment hire is available for students who do not have their own pen tablet and must remain on-site for the duration of the course.

Important -
Please ensure that you have the necessary driver installed on your computer before you attend the workshop which can be downloaded from here.

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