Digital Arts Quarter

15 Nariel Street
Albion, QLD, 4010



Digital Arts Quarter is an initiative that strives to build on the foundations that Brisbane Painting Classes has built over a decade and extend that vision into the digital realm. We are focused on creating a place where digital artists can come together to create, learn and inspire.

Working with highly skilled tutors that share our sentiment for practical and inclusive learning environments, we aim to provide the most positive and productive experiences that we can for our students.

As the creative industry rapidly evolves coupled with an ever-changing economy, we are constantly reevaluating our approach to teaching and how we build our community so that we can continue to provide a relevant place to learn both now and moving into the future.



Brisbane Painting Classes — Brisbane Painting Classes is a vibrant and welcoming boutique art school founded by Master Artist Marcel Desbiens in 2005. Marcel’s teaching techniques that he has developed over many years has helped thousands of artists realise their true potential. With Brisbane Painting Classes’ support and guidance we are working to provide the best experience for our students as possible.

Wacom — Wacom is a Japanese company headquartered in Kazo, Saitama, Japan, that specialises in graphics tablets and related products. Their products are what shape the industry standard which is why we are working closely with them to provide our students with equipment of unparalleled quality.


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Operations Coordinator

Jeremy Desbiens

Jeremy is as software developer and designer with a focus on interactive arts. He has developed and facilitated interactive installations Across Australia and overseas for both domestic and international clients. He is driven to create positive and engaging experiences that leave people with a lasting impression. To see more of his work click here


Digital Painting Tutor

Philip Helliwell

Philip Helliwell is an illustrator and concept designer from Brisbane, Australia. With an academic background ranging from animation to philosophy, Philip brings a unique perspective to his work and teaching through his focus on fusing glossy pop culture with a love of history and human culture. To see more of his work click here